These pieces feature well reported facts and compelling characters. A mix of investigative pieces coupled with local and international short stories showcases the versatility of my writing. I love diving into a question and i'm not afraid to chase the story, wherever it takes me.


Breaking Bread in Morocco

Print and Photos by Arlinda Fasliu Rabat, Morocco, February 15th, 2017— “We eat bread with everything,” says Lokmane BenMouloud, a local travel-host in Rabat. “When I was kid, I would take the bread to the bread man to make. When I walked back to my home, I would take a little piece and eat it. I love fresh bread,” he says grinning. Many Moroccans seem to agree. According to a GAIN [Global Agricultural Information Network] report in 2015, Moroccans consume 258 kg of wheat per